Green Tea May Help Cut Risk for Lung Cancer

Consumption of green tea may help lower the risk of lung cancer even for persons who smoke according to a research presented at the American Association for Cancer Research.

The study found that individuals who did not drink green tea had a five-fold higher risk of developing lung cancer. Smokers who did not drink green tea had a 12-fold higher risk of developing lung cancer. Whether smoker or non-smoker, this study shows that there is a benefit to drinking green tea. This, however, does not give us an excuse to continue with the smoking habit. Intake of any form of supplement, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will never eliminate the cancer-causing effects of smoking on the body.

Denky Dela Rosa

About Denky Dela Rosa

I am a Doctor of Medicine. My specialty is Internal Medicine (Doctor for adults) with subspecialty in Medical Oncology (Cancer). I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York City


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