How to be Productive in Traffic

By November 12, 2010 Everyday Tips, Featured

Christmas is just around the corner and what this means is that traffic in Metro Manila is going to get worse. People will be busy delivering gifts, OFWs are coming home to spend time with their families and there will be reunions and parties everywhere. Travel time on the streets of Metro Manila is sure is increase by at least 50%.

When I was in medical school, I used to record in a cassette tape (CD’s and ipods were not yet in fashion then) the lectures of my professors. I would listen to these tapes in my car while travelling to school from my house and back. That really helped a lot during exams and made productive use of travel time.

Fast forward to 2010 and the cassette tapes can only be found in museums. They have been replaced by CD’s and ipods with better sound quality. Nowadays, I no longer listen to cassette tapes in my car but listen instead to audiobooks. I purchase these audiobooks from because they have a vast collection of titles ranging from science to fiction to business and more. You simply purchase them online and can download them instantly. They are also cheaper than buying audiobooks in CD’s. By doing this, I am able to make use of precious time and learn while driving. Talk about multi-tasking. So Christmas traffic no longer worries me. I say,”Bring it on”.

Denky Dela Rosa

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