The Lure of Part-Time High Income Business

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Who among you wants to work less and earn more? Don’t be shy. Don’t we all wish that this could happen to us?

In my own quest for this fantasy, I’ve obliged to attend some business opportunity invitations. At all times, the room is packed with people from all walks of life. All in search of this holy grail.

During these meetings, the attendees are made to listen to live testimonials from people in the organization who have made it to the top. Almost uniformly, the speaker relates how he was once a lowly employee working from 8 to 5 often with unpaid overtime work, unable to spend time with his family, missing the childhood of his kids, having an unbalanced life and missing out on the juice of life due to work. This will be followed by being invited by a friend who asked him to “just listen” to the business opportunity meeting and the rest being history. He goes on to show his big house in an exclusive subdivision and another vacation house elsewhere, his flashy cars, the yearly international trips all paid for by the organization and most of all the free time that allows him to enjoy his life and be with his family. He goes on to say: “It’s so easy to achieve all these things. Just join us now and we’ll teach you how”. Wow!!! The talk is certainly mindblowing! Everyone in the room is salivating with envy. Then comes the how and slowly, one will feel the excitement slightly go down.

I don’t have anything against it. Of course they need to get the crowd all excited and pumped up, otherwise nobody will join them. And it’s true that the person who spoke really accomplished all of them. I also believe that if you stick it out with them and do your stuff, you may have a chance to be as good as their best performer.

However, don’t be fooled that it’s going to be easy. As is true in anything in life, nothing can be gained easily. To be good at something whether in school, career, business or our personal lives takes time, a lot of effort and sacrifices, persistence and some degree of failure. And so it is in these types of business. I don’t think the top performers in the organization were good at it right away and I don’t think this kind of business is applicable to just about anybody.

I do not mean to say that you should not get involved in this kind of business. Who knows, you might actually be good at it. However, you must realize that there is a learning curve in becoming good at the business and that you must definitely not leave your job way before you have a stable and reliable stream of money which is enough to support you and your family. In my analysis, you must have at least some of the following qualifications in order to be successful in this type of business.

  1. You must have the willingness and humility to learn something which might be totally different from your professional background or what you are currently doing.
  2. You should not have any qualms about selling because the initial stages of the business will definitely involve selling something.
  3. You should be the type of person who likes being with people and can practically start a conversation instantly even with the strangers you fall in line with at the grocery store.
  4. You should not be afraid of rejection because more people will reject you than be enticed in your business.
  5. You should be willing to sacrifice your free time, at least initially, when you are doing this outside of your work hours because in order to make it big, you need to spend a lot of time generating contacts, calling them and meeting them in person.
  6. You have to be consistent and persistent. You need to do the prescribed hours of calling, generating contacts and closing the sale before you achieve mastery.

So the next time you go to a business opportunity meeting, check yourself first in the mirror if you have what it takes.

This article appeared on the November 16, 2010 issue of the Business Mirror.

Denky Dela Rosa

About Denky Dela Rosa

I am a Doctor of Medicine. My specialty is Internal Medicine (Doctor for adults) with subspecialty in Medical Oncology (Cancer). I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York City


  • eds says:

    love this article po.

  • I agree on the article except that selling (retailing, direct selling) especially in the early phase is not a requirement to be successful (in one similar business), although it still a very good option.

    This business is not easy. Nothing of value is easy. Life is not easy. But as long as one enjoys what he is doing, that is what really matter.

    Very good article!

    Some of the disadvantages were stated.

    Now the advantages (this is only true to the organization where I belong):

    1. Very low capital.
    2. Passive income that will pay monthly expenses (ONLY IF SUCCESSFUL).
    3. Emotional IQ development.
    4. Early retirement in PRESENT job (ONLY IF SUCCESSFUL).
    5. You will be able to help other people financially.
    6. More time and money (ONLY IF SUCCESSFUL).
    7. Payment from this kind of business is willable to a child above 18. This is true as long as your team/system is working.
    8. No inventory (like in traditional business)
    9. No need to put up stores.
    10. No employees.
    11. No boss.
    12. You work in your own free time.
    13. Able to be friends with people like doctors, lawyers, traditional business owners, employees, etc who have dreams to be successful in life.
    14. Business coaches are not paid by the student/new business owner.
    15. Almost perfect business system (like McDonalds and Starbucks).

    My advise for the readers is to be careful and wise in choosing the company/organization.

    If someone invites you in their business preview, don’t miss the opportunity. Go and join (if it is for you). As was stated, it is not for everyone. But if it is for you, and you did not attend the preview, you just missed a “life changing opportunity”.

    I am very happy that I have what it takes. I love this business and very excited.

    God bless Denky and thank you for posting.

    Roel Sengco Tolentino,MD,MBA
    Successful and Excited Business Owner

  • Doctor Denky says:

    Well-said Roel 🙂

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