Appreciating What We Have

By February 21, 2011 Everyday Tips, Featured

I recently went on vacation to the province. We went on a wild river cruise and I was deeply touched by what I saw and heard.

The river span about half a mile wide bordered on one side by a mountain of boulders with a hole which served like an entrance to a cave. On the other side was lush greenery consisting of trees and grasses. Out of the clear sky, one will notice stretching across the width of the river, from the boulder on one side to a pole made of bamboo implanted on the other side of the river was a thick, sturdy rope. Hanging on the rope parked on one side is a wood frame that seemed like a chair made from scrap pieces of wood. Below this wooden frame is a makeshift raft made from pieces of bamboo pole tied together by ropes.

I asked Kumar, our amazing rafter, what those structures are for. He replied that they are used to transport kids to and from school. The children will step on the raft with water ankle deep and cross the river carrying their shoes and bags on their head. Upon reaching the boulder side of the river, they will go up a makeshift stair made from a single bamboo pole with pieces of wood attached to it in a manner that simulates a ladder. Before reaching the river crossing, the children will have to walk between 20-30 minutes on each side. This means that the children will spend around 1 hour going to school and another hour going back home all done on foot.

I’ve previously heard of stories of children having to walk for hours just to get to and from school but it has never affected me as much as when I actually saw and heard the story of the children and how they cross the river. After hearing this story, I couldn’t help but remember the times that I complained in traffic while riding in my airconditioned car with the music playing and talking to my friends on the cell phone. I couldn’t help but remember all those times that I waited impatiently albeit comfortably for my turn to pay the bills. I couldn’t help but remember all the times that I complained and whined and wished that my life would get better.

Life is awesome…Stop complaining! The glass is not half empty…’s half full.

Denky Dela Rosa

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